DDG Blunder Benefits Local Livestock Producers

cowsLast week, China stopped importing dried distiller’s grain (DDG’s) from the United States in the wake of a contamination of the grain supply of Syngenta’s Viptera Trait, which is a GMO trait in their newest seed varieties, providing the next generation of insect control.  The reasons for this blunder are hotly debated today, with fingers pointing in all directions, but one thing’s for certain.  The local livestock producers have a HUGE smile on their face.

DDG’s are the largest by-product of the distillation of corn in the production of ethanol, and are extremely high in protein.  Many livestock producers supplement DDG’s with cheaper forages to provide quality nutrition to their stock.  Recent reports are that DDG prices out of the ethanol plant in Hopkinsville, KY have dropped $50/ton this week, and that may be just the beginning.